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CcHub and Nailab announce cohorts of the first Make-IT Accelerator

This blogpost was authored by Bertil van Vugt from VC4A and originally posted on the VC4A website. The Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) in Lagos, Nigeria, and NaiLab in Nairobi, Kenya, have announced the startups that will take part in the Make-IT Accelerator programme in each country. Make-IT in Africa is a 2.5-year project (2017-2019) that focuses […]

4 Resolutions for our Next Decade

We are entering an age of massive technological disruption and social upheaval. Having celebrated Endeva’s 10 year anniversary in 2017, we are getting ready for our next decade of work in a fast changing world. Here are our 4 New Decade’s Resolutions: 1) Add technology. Technological innovations enable business solutions in markets that have so […]

ii2030 – what’s next? Read our latest blogpost to find out!

On October 18 and 19, ninety people went on tours through Berlin’s buzzling innovation scene and collaborated in a design thinking process. In 5 tracks, they explored technology-enabled opportunities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (For more detail, see our blogs on precision agriculture, AI-enabled BoP market data, intelligent diagnosis, drones for the last […]

ii2030: Systems change in the making

“Go Natalia!”, “Group 4 rules” and more cheers show up behind the speakers. The crowd cajoles after every pitch. After 1,5 days of intense collaboration, the energy is still high. No, this is not startup night. It is the finale of Inclusive Innovation 2030 a new initiative by Endeva and partners to curate systems change. […]

Read the newsletter: The role of NGOs in inclusive business

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are increasingly seeing the importance of incorporating business thinking to achieve their development goals. A few pioneers have already carved out their roles in the inclusive business space, either as partners of companies, as intermediaries, investors, or even as entrepreneurs. In our peer-to-peer workshop, NGOs exchanged experiences on the various roles they […]

How many people live in Kibera?

For a long time, Kibera was considered the biggest slum not only in Nairobi, but in all of Africa, with allegedly over 1 million inhabitants. The 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census counted 170.070 inhabitants. In 2010, UN Habitat estimated Kibera’s population at 500.000 to 700.000. Such is the quality of data for many, if […]

Read our latest blogpost on NGOs in inclusive business: Contradiction or complementarity?

At the beginning of 2017, Endeva started to informally discuss inclusive business approaches with leading international NGOs in our partner network. The discussions made us realize that all had similar questions, but very complementary experiences. Together with BoP Inc. and IBAN, we thus brought them together in a peer-learning workshop in early September 2017 to […]

NGOs in inclusive business: Contradiction or complementarity?

You are probably aware of aid projects run by NGOs to fight HIV Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa or combat yet another hunger crisis. But are you aware NGOs are also pursuing business approaches to achieve development objectives? Why should NGOs engage in (inclusive) business? Many still think that traditional NGO work and business approaches are […]

Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Healthcare for the underserved

Luke, who lives in London, will celebrate his fifth birthday tomorrow; a celebration, but not his most life changing occasion. For the parents of Akachi from Mafubira (Uganda), however, his fifth birthday is momentous: Akachi had more than thirteen times higher chances of being amongst the under five year olds that die prematurely from preventable […]

Drones for social impact: Join the discussion leading up to the ii2030 event!

How can we unlock the potential for drones for good in Africa? Join us this Thursday for our live Q&A discussion with our expert panel  at iba.ventures!  Panelists include Dharmesh Shah, Business Innovation Manager, Airbus Zoe Beattle, UAV Cross Programme Management, Airbus Hans-Peter Thamm, Founder, Geotechnic Frederick Mbuya, OpenData, ICT & Drone Specialist, Uhurulabs & […]

Join the ii2030 online discussion: What kind of precision agriculture do smallholders need?

Leading up to Endeva’s ii2030 event, join the online discussion on precision agriculture on Oct 4, 11 am CEST with Christina Tewes-Gradl (Endeva), KC Mishra (eKutir), Martin Märkl (Bayer CropScience), Christian Merz (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Worlali Senyo (Farmerline), and Andrew Kaiser-Tedesco (WARC Group). To get into the subject, don’t miss our newest blospost […]

Are drones the next big enabler for achieving social impact in Africa?

For entrepreneurs in many parts of Africa working to make a positive difference in heath, agriculture, education, and beyond, the road is often tough – and full of potholes. Especially when delivering goods and services to people in remote areas: it’s expensive and unreliable. But what if this transportation barrier could be overcome using drones? […]

Join the multilogue with corporAID: how can companies reach new markets while furthering sustainable development?

Developing countries are the growth markets of tomorrow. In spite of their economic dynamics, many still face high poverty rates and challenging market conditions. If you happen to be in Austria on Sep 26, join Endeva’s Associate Expert Anna Peters to learn about how companies can pursue innovative approaches to both secure their commercial success […]

Inclusive innovation 2030: co-creating transformational impact for the SDGs

Technology can save the world – or not We live in an age of unprecedented technological advancement. Mobile connectivity makes communication and transactions even with far-away places a matter of seconds and cents. Artificial intelligence allows us to recognize patterns in large sets of data, and for machines to learn. Blockchain can create transparency and […]

Join the webinar for the launch our new report: “More than money”

We are delighted to announce that on August 31st, a new report will be launched by USAID, Endeva and the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business, on the landscape of advisory support for inclusive business. On the day of the launch, we will be contributing to a webinar with the authors, USAID, beneficiaries and providers of […]