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How to increase sales through traditional retail?

Despite the growth of modern trade in emerging markets, traditional trade still represents a significant opportunity: In Latin America, it accounts for 40% of retail sales; in most African countries, outlets such as markets, street vendors and mom-and-pop shops still dominate with more than 70% of purchases. Acknwledging the difference of African and Latin American […]

How do companies contribute to the SDG agenda?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) no longer have the focus on development cooperation alone – as did the Millenium Development Goals -, but a focus on sustainable economic development. What this means becomes obvious by comparing numbers: 137 billion Dollars are spent on development cooperation. 10 times as much is spent on foreign direct investment, […]

Training entrepreneurs: Making the Tunisian food industry more inclusive

The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) and the Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub (RIBH GIZ)  invited 20 Tunisian entrepreneurs from the local food industry to Tunis to identify how to integrate low-income groups into their value chains. Our research and the discussions revealed that the concept of inclusive business exists in Tunisia, but the specific […]

Endeva is looking for administrative support!

Starting May 2017 Part-time (appx. 15 hours per week, with flexible allocation of days) At Endeva’s Berlin office About Endeva Endeva’s mission is to inspire and support enterprise solutions to the world’s most pressing problems: making poverty a thing of the past and preserving ecosystems for the future. In our projects, we build, share and […]

Think & Drink event: How inclusive is tech in East Africa?

The tech scene in East Africa is buzzing with brilliant creative minds, who are developing some of the world’s most innovative solutions to everyday challenges. The rapid growth in the region, particularly in Nairobi, is capturing the attention of investors and entrepreneurs around the world. But how inclusive is the tech industry in East Africa? […]

High-Tech Low-Cost solutions – a road to SDG innovation

Imagine a drone that delivers blood samples to rural areas in Rwanda. Or pay-as-you-go solar solution that provides access to clean energy. Where advanced technology was previously thought to be too expensive to solve development challenges, recent examples of solutions push the boundaries of price and functionality. In December, Endeva co-moderated the health tech workshop […]

Endeva and partners are planning more than just a conference on inclusive business on October 19-20, 2017!

Endeva and IBA Ventures are hosting a conference with the BoP Learning Labs. The Inclusive Innovation Factory, which will take place in Berlin, will allow participants to explore, create and collaborate on groundbreaking trends in the field of inclusive business. We will bring together leading international experts from all sectors to design and co-create innovative […]

Compiling the world’s largest inclusive business database

Together with our partners, we have started compiling the world’s largest database of inclusive businesses. This dynamic and growing resource draws from ten years of experience in documenting, analyzing and building inclusive business models. As we aggregate data on thousands of inclusive businesses, the database will enable analyses within and across sectors. Initially, it will […]

Investing in female entrepreneurs: strategies for improved wellbeing

For the past six months our Associated Expert and PhD researcher Saskia Vossenberg, co-author of our report “How inclusive is inclusive business for women?“, travelled Malawi to collect stories of female entrepreneurs who use technological innovations to grow their businesses. She investigated why and how these women use technological innovation. How does it affect their […]

Looking to get away over the holidays? Do it the fair way!

1 billion people will travel to emerging economies by 2030. And more and more tourists look for authentic experiences and encounters with local communities.  Tourism companies can develop unique, innovative products with local communities. Local people, in turn, can benefit from access to jobs and incomes. In its report Destination: Mutual Benefit, Endeva showed tourism […]

Workshop on inclusive business and the food industry in Tunisia

On November 22/23, Endeva organised a sector dialogue for IBAN and RIBH (GIZ) on fast-moving consumer goods and inclusive business in Tunisia. Starting from a report we compiled in this sector, this workshop brought together entrepreneurs active in the Tunisian food industry to enforce their knowledge about inclusive business and develop inclusive business models together […]

NGOs and inclusive business: a workshop to uncover lessons learned

Engaging in inclusive business (IB) is promising for NGOs, but requires a new approach and mindset. While each NGO has gathered individual experiences, a format is missing that provides an opportunity for practical exchange of lessons learned and ways forward. Endeva is organising two ‘peer-to-peer learning’ workshops targeted at leading international NGOs. Our goal is […]

Renewable Energy Innovations for the Base of the Pyramid

This blog draws on the findings from research conducted on innovative social enterprise models at the Base of the Pyramid for the World Bank Social Enterprise Innovations team by Endeva and Ashley Insight. The research and corresponding case studies are available on the World Bank and OECD’s Innovation Policy Platform. Read the energy findings here. According to […]

Scaling Innovation at the Energy-Agriculture Nexus in East Africa

“The climate is changing.  Food and agriculture must, too.” With this year’s theme of the World Food Day on October 16th, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) chose a strong message that tackles key issues of our modern global society. Indeed, climate, energy and agriculture are all interconnected. We recently hit on this topic through […]

Can a format make you happy? Discussing the rules of happiness

by Alice Schmidt Last week I was invited to speak on a panel about the rules and standards for happiness. The event was held at Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, one of the largest art and cultural complexes in the world. Happiness has become a popular topic for research and discussion. Given the fact that happiness has many […]

The power of storytelling

Stories are things that people know, love, and remember, but stories don’t tell us much about the facts, figures, or bottom line of a business. We consider that a good thing: narratives can be a real asset for an inclusive business and we are convinced that entrepreneurs can use storytelling to reach out to networks […]

Stories about us: How social entrepreneurs tell their business narrative

By Barbara Börner Workshop “Stories about us: How to tell your business narrative” of Siemens Stiftung at Seed Africa Symposium in Nairobi, 29.9.2016 in collaboration with Endeva and Adelphi. Business talk often seems to revolve around hard facts and data, but in business, as elsewhere, people love a good story.  The workshop in Nairobi focused […]

Social enterprises: Don’t focus on the unicorns!

We all love social enterprises, don’t we? Bridge International Academies, Mobisol, Aravind – these innovative businesses are providing quality education, energy and health care services to thousands of people living in poverty. Yet, the focus on finding and supporting these “Unicorns” may preclude a broader understanding and more systematic support for the social enterprises on […]

Join us at the Vision Summit in Berlin on Nov 11: FUTURE FOR ALL – THE POWER OF SOCIAL INCLUSION

***Workshop in German*** Als Partner des diesjährigen VISION SUMMIT am 11. November 2016 im Allianz Forum Berlin und weiteren Locations am Brandenburger Tor möchten wir Euch herzlich zu dieser besonderen Konferenz einladen. Wir freuen uns, mit Euch über die grundlegende Frage dieser Konferenz zu diskutieren: Wie kommen wir zu einer neuen gesellschaftlichen Leitidee, die den […]

One piece of a dynamic system – Inclusive Business Development Services and the Inclusive Business ecosystem

The Inclusive Business SunnyMoney provides pico solar lamps to remote rural communities in Africa. Consumers gain access to electricity, save money, the quality of light improves and they see an improvement in respiratory health compared to traditional kerosene and paraffin lamps. A great deal for customers and the company! But the company struggled with the […]