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Our newest blogpost: 77 ministers, mothballs and stale coffee

The High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) convened in New York City for 8 days, from July 10 to 19. It brought together almost 2500 delegates, including 77 ministers, cabinet secretaries, and deputy ministers, in 36 meetings and 147 side events. It produced thousands of pages of reports, in particular by the 44 countries […]

77 ministers, mothballs and stale coffee: the UN’s High-level Panel Forum

The High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) convened in New York City for 8 days, from July 10 to 19. It brought together almost 2500 delegates, including 77 ministers, cabinet secretaries, and deputy ministers, in 36 meetings and 147 side events. It produced thousands of pages of reports, in particular by the 44 countries […]

G20: Confusion on inclusion

The G20 articulates as its main purpose to achieve, inter alia, inclusive growth. It acknowledges that the benefits of globalization “have not been shared widely enough”. Leaders state that “most importantly, we need to better enable our people to seize its opportunities.” In fact, taming globalization was the very reason for introducing the forum in […]

Germany’s G20 presidency: moving towards more private investment in Africa

Supporting the inclusive economic development of Africa is at the top of Germany’s G20 presidency, with the summit starting in Hamburg today. Together with G20 participants and African partners, Germany aims to improve the African investment climate and uses the summit to discuss how this can be achieved. The emphasis on investment is not altruistic, […]

Endeva offsets its carbon footprint!

At Endeva, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why in 2016, we decided to offset our carbon footprint as a company. We are purchasing our CO2 certificates from Climate Care, a fellow B-corp certified business. For 2016, the certificates we purchased will help create US$6,574 worth of benefits in developing […]

We are proud to support finalists as mentors in the Accelerate2030 program

Accelerate2030 is a 9-month programme co-initiated by Impact Hub Geneva and the UNDP, with a mission to scale the impact of ventures that contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals internationally. For this purpose, the best ventures from 17 countries, across 4 continents are selected and connected to a wide network of expert partners. Endeva is […]

Corporate venturing for sustainability 4.0

How can digital solutions promote a more sustainable development? At this year’s econsense forum, high-level representatives from large German companies and 400 guests discussed the opportunities of digitalization. These include outstanding contributions to more transparency, automation and increased connectivity. At the same time, the process is complex, and the positive effects for both economy and […]

Loving out loud at this year’s re:publica

re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. As Endeva is exploring the question of how tech and digital solutions can be used to make businesses more inclusive, we were enthusiastic about exploring the sessions – especially those from our partners at the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG). […]

Inclusive business launches first organic sports drink – support our partner via crowdfunding!

Our BCorp partner Berlin Organics sources sustainably and ethically through direct trade. We are now excited to see the first organic sports drink being developed by Berlin Organics: BAOWOW Hydration contains baobab powder from Zimbabwe, where approximately 3,500 families in the Chimanimani region in South-Eastern Zimbabwe directly benefit from selling baobab. Support the crowdfunding campaign […]

How to increase sales through traditional retail?

Despite the growth of modern trade in emerging markets, traditional trade still represents a significant opportunity: In Latin America, it accounts for 40% of retail sales; in most African countries, outlets such as markets, street vendors and mom-and-pop shops still dominate with more than 70% of purchases. Acknwledging the difference of African and Latin American […]

How do companies contribute to the SDG agenda?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) no longer have the focus on development cooperation alone – as did the Millenium Development Goals -, but a focus on sustainable economic development. What this means becomes obvious by comparing numbers: 137 billion Dollars are spent on development cooperation. 10 times as much is spent on foreign direct investment, […]

Training entrepreneurs: Making the Tunisian food industry more inclusive

The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) and the Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub (RIBH GIZ)  invited 20 Tunisian entrepreneurs from the local food industry to Tunis to identify how to integrate low-income groups into their value chains. Our research and the discussions revealed that the concept of inclusive business exists in Tunisia, but the specific […]

Think & Drink event: How inclusive is tech in East Africa?

The tech scene in East Africa is buzzing with brilliant creative minds, who are developing some of the world’s most innovative solutions to everyday challenges. The rapid growth in the region, particularly in Nairobi, is capturing the attention of investors and entrepreneurs around the world. But how inclusive is the tech industry in East Africa? […]

High-Tech Low-Cost solutions – a road to SDG innovation

Imagine a drone that delivers blood samples to rural areas in Rwanda. Or pay-as-you-go solar solution that provides access to clean energy. Where advanced technology was previously thought to be too expensive to solve development challenges, recent examples of solutions push the boundaries of price and functionality. In December, Endeva co-moderated the health tech workshop […]

Endeva and partners are planning more than just a conference on inclusive business on October 19-20, 2017!

Endeva and IBA Ventures are hosting a conference with the BoP Learning Labs. The Inclusive Innovation Factory, which will take place in Berlin, will allow participants to explore, create and collaborate on groundbreaking trends in the field of inclusive business. We will bring together leading international experts from all sectors to design and co-create innovative […]

Compiling the world’s largest inclusive business database

Together with our partners, we have started compiling the world’s largest database of inclusive businesses. This dynamic and growing resource draws from ten years of experience in documenting, analyzing and building inclusive business models. As we aggregate data on thousands of inclusive businesses, the database will enable analyses within and across sectors. Initially, it will […]