Behind the scenes with Christina Tewes-Gradl: Interview with ChangeHackers

Listen now! Christina Tewes-Gradl, Endeva Managing Director, speaks with ChangeHackers about her journey as an entrepreneur

While recently in Delhi, Endeva Managing Director, Christina Tewes-Gradl, was interviewed by ChangeHackers on her journey as an entrepreneur. Get a behind-the scenes look into Endeva’s history and how we achieve our mission to make poverty a thing of the past.

During the interview, Christina touches on the joys of building and leading a company of like-minded individuals, how the field of inclusive business has grown over the last decade and the need for stronger ecosystems to achieve systems change.

The show will go live on Tuesday, June 19 on, or listen here: #27: Dr Christina Tewes-Gradl on The Rational Case for Inclusive Business

ChangeHackers is a daily podcast, hosted by Tony Cooke, which provides insight and inspiration for people changing their world.