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    Christina Gradl is an expert on inclusive business and their ecosystems. She is a founder and managing director of Endeva. She is also a strategic advisor to the UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative and a Research Fellow at the CSR Initiative of the Harvard Kennedy School.
    Christina has written extensively about inclusive business, looking at sectors from energy to insurance and agriculture, and at different players in the ecosystem, from local and foreign companies to donors and governments. She is increasingly interested in how to organize broad-scale change through approaches like collective action and policy dialogue. She enjoys organizing productive and joyful collaboration at all levels, and has led many workshops and trainings in this spirit. She also enjoys working with companies on developing, implementing and improving concrete business models.
    Christina completed a PhD in economics and business strategy on the business model concept. She holds an MSc in Philosophy of Public Policy from London School of Economics and a Masters degree in International Business and Regional Studies from the University of Passau, Germany. She was the Kofi-Annan-Fellow on Global Governance 2006/07 and an associate with McKinsey & Company.

    Building Knowledge

    • Directs and co-authors a study on measuring results in development partnerships
    • Directs and co-authored study on policy instruments for inclusive business
    • Directed and co-authored a study on inclusive businesses and their support ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa
    • Directed a study on inclusive agribusiness
    • Conducts research on companies as enablers of inclusive business ecosystems with the CSR Initiative of the Harvard Kennedy School, including field research in Tanzania
    • With Bertelsmann Stiftung, has analyzed the CSR activities of German companies abroad, the trends, supporting policies and institutions since 2008. Most recently, research has expanded to the role of governments in supporting inclusive business and the role of UN Global Compact Local Networks as forums for collective action and policy dialogue
    • Research on the intersection of climate change and inclusive business, e.g. the carbon market as an enabler or business that helps people adapt and agricultural microinsurance as a way to enable disaster risk reduction among smallholders
    • Designed and conducted research on energy business models
    • Co-authored the publication "Fast Growth and Big Impacts: How Emerging Market Multinationals are advancing Sustainable Development"
    • Co-authored the benchmark study "Partners in Development" on public-private collaboration programs
    • Has overseen the research activities at the UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative since 2007. Co-wrote 3 reports (see publications) and developed the research protocol for the 65 cases written in 2009
    • Developed a toolbox for developing sustainable ventures in developing countries for UNEP and the corresponding training material.
    • Wrote a German primer on inclusive business “Entwicklungsgeschäfte”, which was translated into English in 2010
    • Co-authored the Allianz Microinsurance Report

    Sharing Knowledge

    • Organized and facilitated the workshop on measuring results in public-private cooperation
    • Developed the "Growing Business with Smallholders" training and facilitates it
    • Developed the "Energize the BoP" training and facilitates it
    • Supported the conceptual development, facilitation and documentation of the international policy forum "Inclusive Business and Effective Partnerships for Development"
    • Hosted the annual BoP expert dialogue in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in 2008, 2009, and 2010
    • Developed the "Matrix" workshop for developing inclusive business models and hold regular training sessions
    • Developed the “Towards triple impact” workshop with UNEP and hold regular sessions
    • Organizes the Inclusive Business Lunch Series in Berlin

    Applying knowledge

    • Coaching several companies in the energy, agriculture and materials sectors on business model development
    • Advised the European Commission (EuropeAid) on it's potential role in Private Sector engagement
    • Advised the BCtA on its potential role as a facilitator of inclusive business ecosystems
    • Directed a benchmarking of challenge funds
    • Directs the development of a business model for electricity kiosks in Madagascar.
    • Developed the concept for the “CSR weltweit” internet platform for the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

    Christina enjoys:

    • Creating processes where people can learn effectively while having fun at the same time
    • Contributing to a better environment for inclusive business by providing insight and ideas to companies and support institutions
    • Stimulating positive change in people and organizations

    Other work experience

    • With McKinsey & Company, worked as a consultant on projects ranging from sales force redesign in a medium-sized insurance company to organizational change for Berlin kindergardens to efficiency programs for a logistics company and more
    • For the UN SEED Initiative and the SRI Rice Marketing Initiative, developed a marketing strategy for rice farmers in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar and helped get implementation underway


    • PhD in economics at the University of Halle-Wittenberg (with support from the Foundation of Germany Business)
    • Kofi Annan Fellow on Global Governance 2007/08
    • MSc Philosophy of Public Policy, London School of Economics
    • Masters degree in International Business and Regional Studies, University of Passau (including studies at Columbia University, New York, and USAL, Buenos Aires)

    German, English, French, Spanish


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