ProjectInclusive Innovation Factory 2017

Project background

Inclusive business and social innovation are increasingly important drivers of company growth and social impact. These innovations are developed through collaboration between companies, communities, civil society organizations, experts and intermediaries, among others.

Over the last years, there has not been a major European event that has brought together the different constituencies working in inclusive business and social innovation. This leaves a gap in the coordination landscape.

Project objective

Endeva and IBA Ventures are hosting a conference with support from our European BoP Learning Lab partners and IBAN, providing a platform for companies and selected experts to interactively co-create ideas, projects and initiatives on the themes of inclusive business and social innovation.

During two exciting days, participants from every sector will connect, collaborate and construct new ideas, approaches and solutions for inclusive business in Europe and beyond. The conference will foster valuable partnerships to enhance and share knowledge within the fields of inclusive business and social innovation.

Project result

The Inclusive Innovation Factory will take place in Berlin on October 19-20, 2017. Stay tuned for more information soon!

If you are interested to contribute or participante in our conference, please contact Aline.

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